:: Weed

Wet one out there today.  We've had passing showers most of the morning but it's been reasonably still and there's 2-3 feet of wonky East swell.  The calm winds and rains are keeping surface conditions mostly smooth and if you can jag the right wave there's a bit of fun to be had. If you've been in the water since the big swell a week back you would have almost certainly had an encounter with some loose seaweed.  The big swells tend to pull the weeds off the reefs and rocks shelves offshore and drag it by the ton to whatever corner of the beach is coping the most swell.  This time the South End has received the lion's share and there's masses of it piled up on the beach.  It's not a good look but I guess it's all part of the natural cycle of the sand.  Wait til later in the week when the sun comes out and it's starts rotting!  Stinker!

DAILYMurray Fraser