:: Wash Out

It's a wash out this morning.  I ditched the bicycle in favour of four wheels and the creature comforts that come standard in an automobile such as dryness, a heater and the ability to carry things with a minimum of effort.  It was quite nice however I'm feeling a little guilty about the extra carbon footprint of today's email.  Back on the cycle tomorrow; promise. There's a couple of waves around with clean surface conditions and smooth walls although finding a dry place to shoot proved difficult.  The South Swell has eased somewhat from yesterday but there's still 2-3 feet of swell making its way into Manly.  If you've got time I reckon surfing would be a pleasant pursuit today. Nothing quite like sitting on your board as rain drops explode on the sea around you.

Manly Clip If you love Manly then you'll dig this little clip produced by the local crew from Goodcheer Projects.  Send it out to your mates and they been knocking on your door in no time at all - maybe even in time to Taste Manly this weekend.   Watch the clip