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Catch you later Winter.  Sure, we've enjoyed your days of solid South Swell's, steady offshore winds and frigid early morning dashes across the sand but it's time.... Time to welcome longer days, warm sunshine and the slow climb to warm water and surfing in board shorts. This morning we've got Winter's offshore wind, but it's temporary. The Nor-Easterly onshore is waiting in the wings to scuff the polished surface. It's 1 to 2 foot and clean right but but you'd better soak up the offshore and sunshine while it lasts, rain is coming!

I was chatting to Blake from Manly Ocean Adventures yesterday and he just told me he'd had the best Whale Watching Tour ever! He was pretty excited!  An hour drifting with 5 whales bobbing and playing alongside the boat. I wonder if the whales think the hull of his boat is some sort of inverted humpback cause they seem pretty keen to check it out?  Check out their facebook page for some of the action!


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