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Not a bad sunrise to start another week of unseasonably warm weather - 26 degrees tomorrow and mid-twenties all week.  The catch is that with this Summer weather comes Summer swell and there's not much too it.  Tiny waves all week with just hope as a prospect. Did you know the weekend just past marked the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 World Championships of Surfing that were held right here at Manly Beach?   The competition attracted a bigger crowd than the recent Royal Visit and local boy Bernard 'Midget' Farrelly won the title putting him in the history books as the first ISA World Champion.  Midget was 19 at the time and he's still surfing with as much style and grace along the Northern Beaches today.

Next month the Manly Malibu Club will celebrate the milestone with a Gala Ball on the opening night of the Snowy McAlister Surfing Festival.  Want to go?  Get yourself a ticket.

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