:: Two O One 5


How's your year going so far?  2015 is off and running and if you're like me and reacquainting yourself with the computer for the first time in 2015 I hope the silicon is treating you well.  Maybe you've welcomed the relief of an air-conditioned office; it's been a humid Summer so far!  Personally I prefer the cool sea breeze and a dip in the ocean but lucky it's Summer, the days are long and we've got ample time for both. This morning wasn't the glamour start to 2015 I was hoping for.   It's overcast and grey and there's just a small Easterly windswell dribbling through - longboards and novelty craft were definitely the best option.  Small NE swell will be the order of the week until Friday when there's a small spike in swell.

Good to be back!

:: Murray 

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