Tough Assignment

This morning's "Adventures of the Early Birds" is brought to you by local documentary photographer  David Maurice Smith.  Tough assignment to search out a story amongst a gusty Sou-Easter, constant rain showers, very average onshore surf and cloudy sky's.  But Dave's a pro and he would never shy away from a tough assignment and he'd already emailed through the images by 8am!  Dawn is a slightly different time-zone than the all-night Hip-Hop & MC Battles Dave covered during his Roots Project in NYC so it may have been a bit of a shock to the hear the alarm buzzing at 6am.  NIce work big fella~! Dave digs shooting people and travel and he's got a knack of bringing out the story in every situation.  Enjoy Dave's personal flavour infused in today's Sprout Daily.  If you want more check out Dave's website and get involved with hisNYC Roots Project.

DAILYMurray Fraser