:: Time Flys

Welcome to the Sprout Daily commuter edition.  It's the new late edition for your home time commute in the ferry, train or bus.  Just don't be viewing this on your iPhone while you're driving home in peak hour traffic!    Those new traffic laws are full-on and besides it's bloody dangerous! This morning was a bit of a non-event for me.  I was up early, I even took a few pictures but I just wasn't feeling it so I went straight up to the office to get started on the days work.  Next minutes it's 2pm!  Man time flys past on a Monday ey!   By 2pm the sun was out so I thought it'd be worth another look to try and add a couple of images to this morning's photo's.  I found Danny and Peter lounging out and loving life on the wall.  These old blokes looked like they've been soaking up the sun down there for 2o years but the weird thing was they both looked younger than their respective ages.  Might be lesson in there for all of us -  maybe not.

Fresh South Swell due tomorrow and building through the week.  Catch you early tomorrow ∆ Murray

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