:: The Sound of One Arm Drawing


Imagine, if you will, a drawing, then envisage where it materializes.  Attached to the pencil that creates the drawing, is of course, a hand.  Next there is the expected wrist, and after that, yup you guessed it, the arm. It seems that everyday the Northern Beaches delivers a new exploration to an ever-present creative subculture.  What’s more extraordinary is the evolving network and extended opportunities presenting themselves in some of the most unique places.

Nestled away in a warehouse in Brookvale, secretly hidden between brothels and repair shops, you will find The Drawing Arm. ‘An illustration agency representing a collective of hand-picked, top-notch, super-impressive contemporary artists and illustrators from Australia and beyond.’

Local Focus was pretty excited to catch up with The Arm itself.  With a launch on the horizon, the phone has been ringing nonstop in this office and it seems, limbs have got a lot more to say for themselves these days.

Tats: Artists are notorious for, well you name it…what made you decide to represent a bunch of creative creatures.

TDA:  Good question already, go see the work, it speaks for itself.  Also, artists are, by nature, more into focusing on their creative process then they are about promoting themselves. That’s our job, is to connect these incredible creatives with projects they can excel in.

Tats: There is such a strong artistic community in this here peninsula, how did you come to select your current entourage?

TDA:  We are a part of the The National Grid Gallery, after 40 exhibitions at the gallery, we’ve showcased allot of the illustrators we’ve got, so we’ve already had the chance to work with everyone we’re representing.

Tats:  Are you often envious of the other arms that are attached to torsos, or do you feel somehow complete knowing that you are responsible for communicating on behalf of such a prestigious group of artists?

TDA: We’re very good at waving, which can often lead to good things, so we feel complete in our successes.

Tats: Any upcoming exhibitions for your little creative family that we should come check out?

TDA: There will be on at the National grid in May, keep an eye out on the website for the announcement.

Tats: What’s your favorite coffee shop on the peninsula?

TDA: The Anchor.  The Rope & Anchor!


Interview by Tatianna K Alpert

Local Focus is lovingly produced in collaboration with Little Hobo Project