:: The Rain Returns


How classic was yesterday.  Beautiful ENE swell in the morning with sunshine and just a light onshore making for some pretty fun waves about.   After lunch the mother of all fronts marched through with all sorts of upper-level wind making for some pretty interesting cloud texture and formations.  There's a few photo's on our Facebook page if you want to see what I managed to capture. This morning we're back to rain and it's been quite heavy at times.  There's still a bit of the ENE swell pushing through but it's been mostly replaced by a building South swell which should be around 4 foot by tomorrow.  There were only a few out and about in the rain but those that were out there were loving it!

Special shout out to Mick Taverner who spotted Local Lifeguard Cam Grey's Stolen Kombi this morning.  Cam's classic Kombi is an icon of Manly so you could image how devastated I was hearing about it being stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Cam was having a cracking weekend winning the Badge Draw at The Steyne as well as picking up his 9th Open Men's title at the Manly Mal Club presentation night on Friday night.  The it all came crashing down Sunday when he awoke to see his VW missing.  Man, what a rollercoaster!!  Stoked you got it back mate!!

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