:: The Bukit


The lure of Bali's Bukit Peninsular has been irresistible for Australian surfers since the early 1970's when Morning of the Earth filtered through the surf community. These days the Bukit is a jam of surfers from just about any country with a coastline.  You'll meet Argentinian's, Brazilian's, German's, Swede's, Chinese and Russian's but it's the local Balinese that surf the best and call the shots in the water. The one thing that hasn't changed is the ridiculous perfection and consistency in the way the swell wraps down the Bukit from Outside Corner Uluwatu through to Balangan and all the many reefs and sections in between.  Catch a glimpse of Impossible's from Bingin and it's hard to comprehend the extent of the set up.

I'm soaking up the magic of Bali this week and it's looking like a real nice week to be here.


DAILYMurray Fraser