Tanna - Special Screening


A special screening of Tanna, the multi-award winning feature film, will take place at Collaroy Cinema Monday 7 March, 6:30pm What makes Tanna truely unique is the location and culture in which the film is set and made.  The Yakel of Vanuatu are one of the last remaining untouched tribes in the Pacific. In Tanna, the film depicts a true story of the highest cultural significance and the actors are Yakel people themselves.

Tanna is set in the South Pacific where Wawa, a young girl from one of the last traditional tribes, falls in love with her chief’s grandson, Dain. When an intertribal war escalates, Wawa is unknowingly betrothed as part of a peace deal. The young lovers run away, but are pursued by enemy warriors intent on killing them. They must choose between their hearts and the future of the tribe, while the villagers must wrestle with preserving their traditional culture and adapting it to the increasing outside demands for individual freedom. Tanna is based on a true story and performed by the people of Yakel in Vanuatu.

You can read reviews and watch the trailer here - http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/tanna-the-ancient-vanuatu-tribe-who-had-never-watched-a-film-now-star-in-one-20151104-gkpade.html

Spaces at the screening are limited and tickets can be reserves/purchased view Tugg - https://www.tugg.com/events/89905