:: Swing


Hope you survived the weekend and managed to find yourself a wave amongst all the Southern Tasman energy. True to the forecast,  the South Swell pushed up very fast over the course of Saturday.  It was 2ft and slow at first light and 8-10ft+ by the time the sun was setting on Saturday night. The swell was a bit too South and straight for the beaches but from what I hear the ledges and rock breaks had a few hollow and ridable ones.  I didn't get the chance to shoot Saturday except for a quick couple of frames late afternoon. Bummed!

This morning the swell might have swung around a touch to the East.  It's still fairly straight but as Bobby demonstrates below there was the odd one that opened up and stayed open. There's a nice sequence of Bobby's wave on Facebook.

We've got a full week of 4ft+ South Swell with a gradual swing to South East by Friday.  Pick your spot and tide and hopefully you'll score some open ones too.

:: Murray

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