:: Surf. Eat. Sleep.


Life's pretty simple onboard a boat in the Maldives.  Sleep. Eat. Surf. Eat. Sleep. Surf. Eat. Repeat.  Mix up the order and quantity as you please, just make sure you get your fill of all the ingredients. We've had a great 7 days onboard the Carpe Vita.  We've scored a serving of waves every day from head-high-plus barrels to the funnest of glassy waist-high peelers - 3 surfs a day.  One moment the sets are pulsing, the next it's lulling; storms roll in, squalls whip up white caps and then it passes and it's the smoothest sheet glass you've ever surfed.

Good show Indian Ocean!  We'll be back for an encore in 2016


DAILYMurray Fraser