:: Surf Cycle

It's Monday morning and the pace of activity on Manly Beach has slowed almost as much as the swell.  You've got to love the change of pace that Monday brings.  Maybe it's not so much a change of pace but a re-direction of energy.  It's a perfect Winter day in Sydney, we're going to hit 21 degrees which is 3 degrees above average. There's a little bit of residual east swell and I suspect just hint of south in the mix as well.  It's a lot slower than the weekend but if longer boards, smaller waves and thinner crowds are your thing then today's your day.  Enjoy

Pete Longworth's Art of Seeing Workshops have been lighting up Sydney minds for the last couple of weeks.  Pete's decided to host one last workshop this weekend in Manly before he jets off for another photographic adventure overseas.  This is the last one, so if you're been thinking about it now's you're chance to jump. :: Murray

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