:: Surf Coast


With no surf in Sydney and a huge swell brewing in the Southern Ocean it wasn't a hard decision to book a late flight down south.  I've been down this stretch of coast before but the prospect of seeing it dressed in sunshine, a solid ground swell and offshore winds was irresistible. They call this stretch The Surf Coast, and it's a raw brand of surf.  It's cold (and it'll get much colder) and the swells are powerful, rising up out of the Southern Ocean unobstructed to meet the reefs and cliffs of the Australian continent. But, for those that don't mind the chill and extra power, there's plenty of rewards on offer.

Yesterday Bells was 4-6ft with rouge triple overheaders.  The direction might have been a touch too West to be described as perfect by the locals but for a Sydneysider it was pretty much spot-on.


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