:: Super Sunday


Hope you got a chance to get in the water over the weekend; waves were good, really good!  Saturday morning was clean and solid and the swell was peaky but just a touch unruly but Sunday was pure champagne.  Sunshine, clean 4-6ft of East swell and offshore the entire day.  Days don't get a much better on the Northern Beaches and although I only check a couple of places I'd guess most beaches on The Peninsular would have had some quality waves on offer most of the day. I kicked off my Sunday at North Steyne at first light and watched the twilight fade to darkness at South Narrabeen scoring a couple of session in and out of the water in between.  The photos today are in chronological order starting yesterday at dawn until the final photo from this morning.   The swell's dropped significantly today but there were still some fun ones about and if you missed yesterday could be somewhat of a concession.

Catch you tomorrow ∆ Murray