:: Super Duper


How'd you go sleeping last night? Dogs were howling in the neighbourhood and that bright moon was like having a street light outside my bedroom window casting shadows in my dreams! How was your Supermoon experience?  Feeling a little underwhelmed? It was so cool to see the crowds down on Manly Beach to checkout the moonrise.

Supermoon or not, seeing a (near) full moon rise out of the sea is pretty special. Last night we got a little skunked by the clouds but maybe tonight when it's full it'll be clear on the horizon.

Hey, the waves are back today!  It's a little junky but the swell's nudging head-high and it's probably bigger (and more wind-affected) further up the beaches.  Go surf!

The 2017 Sprout Daily Wall Calendar arrived at the office today and we reckon it's the best one we've done yet! Big, beautiful photos, fresh functional calendar area and a slick cover.  The cover price is $30 but for the next 10 days we're selling it at last years price of $25 for our loyal subscribers - online only!  Click here to Order


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