:: Sunny Side

Sorry for the late one today - hope this one lands in your lap over lunch in or out of the office,  This morning we had sunshine, ah yes, glorious sunshine while most of the city had a second morning of fog.  You could see the fog creeping over North Head but the Nor-Wester managed to keep it at bay.  Glad I wasn't flying today or yesterday!  Imagine thinking you were arriving in Sydney for the first time and landing in Canberra! There's a few fun waves around today - it's much like the last couple of days.  A steady 2-3 feet and very light winds;  you could just about pull your car up anywhere on one of Sydney's beaches and score some fun waves today. Smaller waves on the way for the rest of the week so drink it up while you can. Until tomorrow ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser