:: Sunny Days


Feels good to be back from Fiji and on the sand in Sydney.  Sure the waves aren't pumping and the waters cooler but home's the source of rejuvenation and refreshment and Manly's always a great place to come back to.  I'll be back posting daily until Christmas.  Sign your friends up! The waves are small in Manly today and it was lumping and wobbly with the high-tide this morning.  Word on the street was there was a fresh South swell filling into Curly but we weren't seeing much of it here.   I just check the Manly Hydraulics Lab's sea surface temperature data and we've just tipped 20 degrees on the buoy off Sydney.  Another degree or two and it'll be time to ditch the wettys and enjoy summer surfing in boardshorts and tee-shirts.

:: Murray 

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