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Get set for a warm day out there Sydney.  It's going to be 29 degrees as a top, that's a whole 9 degrees above average for September.  The hot and dry winds from the West will be with us all day and there's a chance of showers and thunder this afternoon.  There'll probably even be flies in the mix too -sounds a lot like Summer now doesn't it. Even the surf is Summer-like with a weak Nor-East wind swell and just a hint of South Swell.   Long Reef is super protected from the Northerly winds and it'll grab any hint of South Swell; this morning there was probably only one wave every 15 minutes.  The water's a little cool this morning from all that Northerly wind stirring up the cooler water.  Did you jump in for a dip? By lunch time you're going to wish you had.  Have a good day.

:: Murray

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