:: Summer for Real


Hey there!  How you been?  Having a good summer so far?  I've been enjoying a couple of sleep-in's and trips up the coast.  There's been some incredible weather around and yesterday was a classic.  Warm water,  some serious sunshine and just a hint of Southerly wind; it was just about the perfect summer scenario for Manly.  If there'd been just 1 or 2 ft more North East swell it could have been a 10 out of 10 day. This morning it's virtually flat in Manly.  The charts are calling 2ft of South Swell so there might be a little something up the beaches.  The week ahead is looking like a good one for sun-baking and swimming.  Waves aren't looking like a factor but we're going to have temps in the high 20's and sunshine all week.

We're down to our last box of 2014 Calendars so if you need a big beautiful wall calendar we've got you covered.  Order online with postage or collect it locally and save yourself a couple of bucks.

:: Murray