:: Suits

There's the odd shower passing through, gusts of cold South Westerly wind and the temperature is struggling to get above 10 degrees.  The elements are raw outside this morning so you'll need to don your warmest suit if you're surfing today. The winds has settled somewhat from yesterday's big blow and the swell has a fraction more Easterly directly in it this morning;  it's pretty good all things considered.  There were a few rare gems amongst the closeouts and a few banks were even producing some super sucky tubes for those with the speed and the right equipment to get into them.  For a predominately South Swell it's holding up ok.

If you love rainbows, and by the number of people that "like" the rainbow pics on Facebook it seems a great deal of people do, you would have been having a field day the last couple of afternoons.  There's been some beauties hanging above The Bower coming and going as the sun pokes through the clouds.   I'll post some more pics later in the day so get your Like finger ready.

DAILYMurray Fraser