Straight Up

Happy Friday to ya!  This morning there were a couple of fun waves on offer if you were out when the offshore was grooming.  Perfect for logs and anything on the foamier side of the surfboard spectrum.   There's more swell on offer around the corner and at other South facing beaches if you're keen for some exploration. If you missed yesterday's sunset you've got to check it out.  The oceanside of Manly was nice and peachy but the real light show went down over the Harbour.  Bright Pinks and Oranges and perfectly crisp silhouettes.  There's an album on Facebook that's well worth a gander.  And why not become a Sprout Daily Fan while you're at it.

Swells looking like it might jump a touch over the weekend so it should be right up there in the fun to super fun range. Post-slide,  drop in and check out our framed offerings on the Gallery Wall at The Rope & Anchor Cafe.  Real good coffee and their toasted almond croissant will recharge the sugar levels to match the caffeine while you kick it beachside.   Buzzzzzz