Step Into It

The swell is up from the ESE and there were some super fun waves to be had on the early morning mid-tide.  High-tide killed the momentum of this fresh little swell slightly but I bet ya it's stepped up a again now as the tide dropped.  It'd be stepping into it if I had a bit of time to surf. Funny banks at the moment as a ton of sand has been pulled off the beach and into deep water. You've really got to be on it at the right tide.  There were a whole host of rippers throwing some heat down on the Queensie bank this morning including Nick from Manly Surf TV and Manly Surf School. If anyone can teach you a thing or two about surfing it's Nick.  He's still a legend, even now he's famous!

The weekend ahead is looking good. Enjoy yours.

DAILYMurray Fraser