:: Sprung


Today feels like spring right?  We're going to hit 23˚ in Sydney today which should help you warm up and dry out after two weeks of rain.  Problem is it's not going to last - we'll be back to sub-20's with rain tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Bummer huh! To kick the Spring season off I took off at 6am this morning with Blake from Manly Ocean Adventures.  MOA's boat is that stealth SAS-looking inflatable with the 3 x 300hp outboards you would have seen around the harbour.  We went out off North Head to catch the sunrise under the cliff and see if there were any early rising whales getting jumpy;  turns out they were sleeping in this morning.  They've been pretty active on their way South from what Blake told me. Check out the Manly Ocean Adventures Instagram for the highlights

Meanwhile back at the beach the swell continues; it's a much neater 4ft, clean and offshore this morning.  The banks are a little worn out from all this swell but if you sit at the right spot long enough you'll find something to your taste.

:: Murray 

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