Speak to Me

I really enjoy the loud speakers at Queenscliff.  They've seen it all; countless sunrises, a thousand storms, perfect waves, fights and sex on the beach.  They were there when you got that perfect barrel that one time and they saw the air reverse you pulled that all your mates missed.  They saw it, but they won't tell.  If they could talk they'd have a million stories to tell and more.  If they could talk, this morning they'd have said "go back to bed"!  And I would have listened.  Instead, I hung around and watched as the sun struggled with the thick clouds.  It was an even wrestle with the sun busting through here, the clouds blanketing there.  Holes appeared in the clouds defence and the sun jabbed through only to shutdown.  If you want to know who won, look at the window. The surf this morning was an average affair so I had to amuse myself with fancy treatments and stories of fantasy.  Like those waves in that new Rip Curl Trailer.  Seen it?