:: Southerly Bust

The Southerly busted through last night with winds gust up to 70km/h at North Head.  If you'd gone to bed with the window's open after yesterday's heat you would have been woken with a tangle of curtains and venetian blowing and banging all over the place. The Southern corner of Manly was the only place offering full protection from the Southerly but the banks were a little straight on the early low-tide.  Up the beach towards North Sterne there were a couple of shapely ones if you could handle the wind.  The wind's going to swing from East to South and then back to Nor-East over the next couple of days but the ENE swell should continue to push through around the 3-4ft mark.  It's good swell and if you can time it with the wind there should be some fun waves to be had this week. Catch you tomorrow ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser