:: Soaking in Spring

Today is going to be a warm one,  27 degrees with a gusty Nor-Wester blowing through later in the day.   So many people out and about his morning soaking up the Spring temperatures and flawless sunshine.  Harder to stay in bed this morning than jump out for the early. There's not much on offer surfing wise with a weak NE wind swell limping and breaking on the only bank that's serving up anything ridable.  Tomorrow we might see a little more energy from the North as this wind pushes up a little short period offering but don't expect too much. Tonight's your final chance to catch Storm Surfers 3D on the big screen across the Northern Beaches so don't miss it!   We've got a Double Pass to give away to the 8pm screening at the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne.  Jump on the Sprout Daily Facebook page for the details and score!

DAILYMurray Fraser