:: Snow Forecast

It's Friday morning and we are just about ready to dive deep into a 3 day weekend.  Sure it's supposed to be about the Queen and her birthday (which is actually 21 April) but it's really much more than that.  It's the opening of the Snow Season in the Australian Alps but the real "Snowy" action will be in Manly this weekend. The 26th Annual Snowy McAlister will kick off tomorrow with the Pro Loggers hitting the water at 7am sharp.  With the lure of $20,000 in prize money for the Pro Logger it's no wonder the world's premier longboarders have turned up to compete amongst a roster of locals and regulars.  Watch for the likes of Alex Knost, Harrison Roach and Matt Chojnacki who's styles have almost defined the criteria for the "new" Log Division.  If you're wondering what this "Log Division" os all about take a browse at the judging criteria.  With a hot line-up of surfers and some contestable waves on the forecast it'll be worth ducking down for a gander over the weekend.

Enjoy the long weekend - catch you on the beach or in the water! ∆ Murray