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It was pretty easy to hit the snooze button this morning.  I took one look outside at 15kts of winds and sheet rain and rolled straight back under.  Theres plenty of swell trucking in but it's been cut to pieces by some strong onshores.  Keep an eye on the wind, there's been moments when it's dropped right down. The forecast for tomorrow paints an interesting picture. The ENE swell will continue to build with this wind until a stiff Southerly kicks in sometime early tomorrow. Whats it mean? I guess we'll see tomorrow.

Who's your pick for the a World Title this year?  Kelly Slater has said it's his last year which could be an ominous warning.  I'm picking Julian Wilson for the title race this year - he'll be hitting the water in Heat 8.  Round One of the 2017 WSL Championship Tour is underway at the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks.

The World Champ John Florence is in the water right now! Watch it!


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