:: Silence


G'afternoon.     Apologies for the radio silence of late but this kind of weather is better spend on projects that require desk time than outdoors in the wind and rain.  There's plenty of swell around at the moment but it's unsettled and there's nowhere really to hide when it's blowing in from the East.  I've seen waves at Bower and the Southern corner but it's more "victory at sea' than ridable. The swell is set continue and eventually swing around to the South East by Saturday.  If you haven't heard already, Redbull have called a "Green Light" on their Cape Fear Invitational for Saturday morning.  There's an all-star, all- charging cast jetting in to surf the infamous slab at Cape Solander named "Ours".  You'll be able to watch it live on the webcast.

Today's photos are a selection from my wonderings of the last couple of days looking for waves and light.

:: Murray 

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