:: Shiver Me Timbers


Cha Ching Art, and Tattooist/Posca illustrator Caspian de Looze have come together to co-curate the next installment of the 'Shiver me timbers'. After a successful opening night on Thursday 13th February, this colourful and eclectic mix of ocean inspired images is showing on the walls of the Cartel unitl Feb 27th. The show was a part of the massively successful Australian open of surfing get yer sea legs on and get down to the Belgrave Cartel (6 Belgrave Street, Manly) while this exhibition is still showing. Featuring briny characters the likes of Caspian de Looze, Bec Crockett, Anthony Alexander, Sam Clark, Louis Gervais, Warrick McMiles, Stu Blake, Luke Morell, Em Reid and Kiel Tillman. Be careful it's Arrrrghhhh rated....

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Cartel Culture Club 09 - Shiver me timbers II from Bryan Dalli Productions on Vimeo.