:: Settled

Last night's storm was just a memory this morning and everything including the surf had settled back to calm.  Manly managed to escape the storms that threatened Sydney late yesterday afternoon with only a few bins blown over and a bit of extra rubbish in the streets.  Check out the huge waterspout that residents at Bateman's Bay experienced yesterday afternoon.   It's amazing what these Summer-like storms are capable of producing! In contrast to last night's lightning and wind, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning once the Sun made its way through a bit a light cloud on the horizon.  The sand still had a bit of firmness to it thanks to a bit of heavy rain last night - perfect for getting a bit more speed on the soft sand.  Yesterday's Northerly's have blown up a little bit of windswell but it was pretty gutless at dawn.  The incoming-tide seems to have given the swell a little more kick so if you're still floating around Manly there might enough in it for a lunch time session. Til tomorrow. ∆ Murray

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