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Cool and crisp down on the sand first thing this morning ay - you're fingers were probably feeling it too!  These cloudless sky's overnight are making for some cool nights and super chilly mornings!  The good news is that the days are warming up - top of 21 today according to the Bureau. Yesterday was one of those perfect still days you occasionally get in Manly where the water from South Steyne to Shelley looks like the shallows of a Pacific Island.  It's a bit of a rarity to get all the elements of sunshine, light winds and clear water aligned but when they come together Manly really shines.   It's shaping up to be similar today so don't miss it.

There's a decent South Swell out on the horizon this morning.  While most of the energy is heading straight past us we're seeing the occasional 2 footer peel up the Queenscliff end of the beach - there's not a lot of punch though so pack some faom.  Freshie and further up the Beaches are probably seeing quite a bit more of this swell so it could be worth a drive if you've got the time.

If you're feeling a little under-foamed at the moment, go see Taylor at The Shop Next Door.  He's got such a good collection of the kind of boards you're going to need right now and through to summer - everything from local shapers and tasty US imports. It's eye candy on the racks and slide candy in the water!

Take it easy. ∆ Murray

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