:: Sea Level


It's good to be watching the sunrise from the water again.  Not sure if you've noticed but I've been landlocked for the last couple of months.  I've had a refresh of camera gear moving onto a more compact SLR body with the Nikon D500.  It's a little beast of a camera with 10fps, 20.9MP and 153-point AF System - DX Format with speed to burn! Got the new housing for the new set-up last week so I'm back in the water shooting at sea-level. If you're into all the tech specs of cameras, click through and check out the D500.

The waves were good at Freshy this morning!  From junky close-out at sunrise, a little wind sorted it out pretty quickly and by 7am there were little tubes and whackable peaks being served up.

It's final's day at The Pipe Masters.  The waves aren't all-time but the new world champ John Florence is in the water now and he's on fire!


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