:: Rumblings


Rumblings from the sky woke me this morning as well as the Nor-Easter rattling my windows.    I was hoping for some rumblings from the surf but the 6ft NE swell that was forecast at the beginning of the week got progressively downgraded and all we're left with is 2-3ft of chopped up wind swell.  It's not the most appealing of mornings in the water but at least there's a bit of punch to what's on offer.   Check back again tomorrow because sooner or later it's going to clean up. Sydney loves real estate and nothing quenches the appetite like a pad with a view, especially if the view is over Sydney favourite beach.  Matt's selling his "Ultimate Beach Pad" and it's definitely worth a look whether you're in the market or not.  The quad copper footage from his show reel is straight out of Hollywood. Get your hands on it before it ends up on the next series of The Bachelor!

Calendars are coming!  A couple of last minute changes put us back a couple of days but it's definitely the best we're produced yet - I'm stoked with it.  Next week I promise!

:: Murray

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