:: Return


G'day.  It's been a little while but I'm back in Manly and into the usual routine.   One thing that's fairly obvious is how cold it is here.  When I left Sydney it was 39 degrees and now we're back down to the low 20's.  The weather might not be welcoming but it's conducive to getting the head down and catching up on emails, projects, etc.  Speaking of which, the 2014 Sprout Daily Calendar is hitting the printers this week and we'll be taking pre-orders next week. Last night's jump in swell has eased slightly and angled around to the east a touch this morning.  There's still plenty of punch and the light winds and rain is adding a smooth face to an unruly sea.  2013 Rip Curl Pro Portugal Champion Kai Otton was out at North Steyne for one last surf before he jets off to Hawaii to punctuate his successful campaign on the WCT of his career.  He's had a rampaging year so far and with the Triple Crown and Pipe Masters ahead of him, Ottz would be heading to Hawaii full of confidence.  Good luck over there pal!

:: Murray