:: Restaurants


Apologies for the radio silence; I've been holed up at Namotu Resort in Fiji this past week.  Weather and have waves been a little grey since I arrived but I still can't think of anywhere I would rather have been. On Saturday we got our first proper swell since I've been here, a solid +10ft South swell. First light at Cloudbreak the swell was a little fresh with some unruly 10 footers not quite hitting the reef right and nobody in the line up.

When Cloudy isn't quite right you know Restaurants, tucked further inside the reef and directly in front of Tavarua, is going to be firing.  Restaurants is a slingshot of a wave that breaks shallow and fast from take off to the channel.  Most people are racing but if you're good enough you can tuck in, control your speed and get tubed from start to finish.  We arrived just in time to see Kelly Slater jump off the boat. Watching Kelly surf Restaurants is like watching a magician's vanishing act. He's got such a great sense of the wave and spends most of the time so far behind the curtain you can't actually see him.

I'm in Fiji for another 2 weeks so stay tuned for intermittent updates and escapes.

:: Murray