:: Residual

Beautiful mild winter morning out there today.  It wasn't real cold at sun-up and there was some solid clouds hovering over the horizon making for some soft eerie light effects.  The way light bounces through clouds, highlight edges and create shadows never ceases to amaze. This morning's post is a bit of a mixed bag.  The NE swell has dropped significantly overnight and there's only a really weak lumpy residual swell left this morning.  It's clean and there's still the odd one every 15 minutes but it's not like yesterday afternoon. Yesterday's solid pulse of NE swell caught a few people off guard, including myself.  By noon in Manly it was pushing 4ft+ and packing a serious punch which motivated me I took a drive up the Beaches to shoot some late afternoon light.

Also, check out Local Focus below for the concept behind the new photographic installation at The Steyne's Moonshine Bar - you should see these prints.  They're beautiful, they're huge and they're just a touch scary!   There's a great story behind the collaboration between Myles Pritchard , The National Grid and The Steyne and it's well worth the read before heading up there tonight for the unveiling.

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