Swells down a bit on yesterday's boom-time South swell and Manly seems to be handling it a touch better this morning.  It's 3 to 4 feet from North Steyne to Queensie and smaller further South towards the corner.  A few banks are lining ok considering the southerly swell directly and it's well worth a paddle.  If you're after a bit more juice, word is that there's still plenty further up the Northern Beaches.  Take your semi-gun and take a drive North or South - we're missing most of the action here. If you've been watching the forecasts you'll know that today is somewhat of a recess day.  The south swell is fading a touch through today before spiking again tomorrow and then gradually easing off throughout the rest of the week and the weekend.  Tomorrow could be boom-time all over again.  Check Coastalwatch for the details.

DAILYMurray Fraser