There's a little more push to the swell this morning as the low pressure system that's been hanging off the NSW coast moves north and to the east.  Fun waves up and down the stretch with a nice light offshore fanning peaks into the odd tube even on the early high tide.  There were plenty of punters out for the early but by mid-morning the crowd was outrageous!!  Enough heads bobbing from North Steyne to the Southern Corner you could walk across them. It's a funny time of year where everyone who's ever wanted to learn to surf is having a crack; and why wouldn't you?  Illustration in point below at picture 6 below.  This guy popped up after seriously nosediving a 3 footer with no idea where he or his board was.  Didn't take him long to find out where his board when the next wave pushed his board fair in the head.  Take care of yourself fella.

The wind is light from the East now making for a couple of bumps and crumbly lips.  It's still plenty fun so go join the queue.  I'll see you out there.

Want to go to the Cricket at the SCG tomorrow?  We've got two tickets on the Concourse to give away thanks to our friends at Filtrate Eyeware.  They're valued at $80 each!!   Go to Sprout Daily Facebook page for the details.