:: Prime Time


Last Thursday was a cracking day of surfing in Sydney.  The one day spike in East-South-East swell may well go down as "all-time' at a few locations.  I've seem some incredible photos from North Avalon, North Narrabeen and that death-slab over at Botany Bay they call Ours.  If you haven't seen the photos I'm sure they'll turn up in your favourite surf publication sooner or later.  When was the last time Sydney graced the cover of Surfing World Magazine? I swam out late in the afternoon at North Steyne that afternnon.  The swell had dropped significantly by then but there was still the odd bomb and it didn't surprise me to see Brett Curotta on the first set I saw as I swam out; come to think of it I think he was on every set after that as well.  He plays a good patience game and is usually rewarded.

Today's photo's are from between 3:30 and 5:00pm last Thursday.  It's the best time of the day because the waves are front-lit and golden hour is dawning.  It's Prime Time.

:: Murray