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Man it was cold this morning!  I don't know the figures but the air was fresh and the windchill outrageous - even the water temp has dropped a couple of degrees over the weekend! We've been in Melbourne for a long weekend and was almost warmer down there.  Looked like we missed some solid South swell over the weekend.  Not to worry, there's another spike in South swell due this afternoon and through tomorrow and this time it's going to have a little more of that favourable Easterly direction.

This morning it was 2-4 foot at Queenscliff and no doubt a bit bigger up the Beaches.  It was a little straight and inconsistent but the air was clear and crisp making for some beautiful winter light.  Even on these cold day's it's a pleasure to get in the water with the camera.

Looking forward to what tomorrow delivers. ∆ Murray

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