:: Playful


Every time I see dolphins in the water it's a buzz.  This morning, whilst having a little swim under water, I thought I heard the high-pitched chatter of dolphins.  I've heard their chatter up close before in the Maldives when surrounded by a huge pod but I'd never actually heard them here. Once I resurfaced I looked around and couldn't see any so dismissed the noise as the sinuses in my head squeaking under the pressure of being submerged. 15 minutes later a large pod of dolphins buzzed the line up; they looked like they were in a playful mood ducking a weaving and doing the odd flip - i wonder if they think it's freezing out of the water?  It was pretty special, even if it only lasted a short moment.

There's a bit of fresh South Swell energy out there this morning and it's forecast to build throughout the day and into tomorrow. Go get playful and tap that energy.


DAILYMurray Fraser