:: Pimp My Online Workshop


Heard about the "social media"?  Apparently it's a new form of media where you connect with your friends and see what they're up to, into and doing right now! Genius!  And you can even follow companies you think are rad and stuff - sounds pretty cool right? This weekend local online marketing guru Zoë Weldon has teamed up with your favourite fashion retailers slash gallery slash workshop Bow + Arrow to conduct her "Pimp My Online" Workshop right in the centre of our neighbourhood.   Zoë's been doing these workshops all over the country this year and finally she's found enough time to do it right here in her own backyard.

Since leaving the all encompassing roll of Community Guru with Canadian yoga superstars Lululemon, Zoë has been deepening her knowledge of how businesses can effectively use social media as part of their marketing mix.  The workshop is designed for small businesses and business owners who want a whole lot of secret weapons for social media. On the surface, it’s about demystifying Facebook & Instagram but really it’s about saving you time, driving traffic to your website & growing your business and getting more people walking to the beat of your drum.

It'll be a small group with a cool local vibe which is the way we like it.  If that sounds like you're kind of scene and you want to master the social media stratosphere, click through and get all the details from Zoë herself.

Date: Sunday 26 October - 9am to 3pm. Location: Bow + Arrow, Manly Click here for details and booking - http://bit.ly/PMOSydNEW