:: Periscopes


Today's post comes from the small village of Lakey Peak on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia.  It's a short flight from Bali and a sketchy three hour drive through the mountains and villages; our driver seemed determined to break his own speed record from Bima to Lakey Peak as he sped through single lane village at 100kph.  Scarier than the twin prop flight! The village and accommodation is rustic compared to Bali; it's old school Indonesia.  But the waves on offer are classic Indo and there's a varity of breaks from easy running points, to intense barrelling reefs.

Today's post features Periscopes, a perfect glassy righthander that runs across a user-friendly grass covered reef.  It's reliably offshore and silky smooth in the mornings and if the tides right it's worth a look for the late afternoon glass off.

:: Murray