:: Out East


It's an early rise and a late post today, just got back from across the bridge.  The Eastern Suburbs is always a colourful place to shoot and with solid South swell filling in at dawn it added some extra spice to the scene.  I could have sat all morning and just watched the Iceberg's pool under seige - 6 footers washing over the pool deck! It was quiet a spectacle; no idea how anyone was swimming straight! It was a tough time for the competitors in the Wipeout Dementia Surf Off.  6ft straight handers in the middle of Bondi probably wasn't an ideal setting, even '78 World Champ Rabbit Bartholomew took a set on the head and 20minutes of hard paddling to get out. Still, the event raised over $50K for dementia research - everyone's a winner!

How's the surf in Manly today?  I haven't seen it but there should be waves tomorrow.


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