:: Out East

We crossed the North Island to the East Coast over the weekend and after a day of hiking volcanoes and a day to recover it was time to find some waves again.  The East Coast is a gentler beast compared to the rugged West Coast but there are just as many nooks and crannies, reefs and river-mouth breaks.  Like any remote stretch of coast in the world, the local's protect their jewels.  However, put in the effort to find a secret spot, show respect in the water and you'll find they're a really friendly bunch. We hooked up with the unofficial Mayor of Gisborne, Graeme, for a tour of the area including a little boat trip out of Gissy Harbour.  The scenery alone is worth a visit here, but when the swell's up the place must really light up with classic setups all over the place.  While we were out in the boat there was tons of finger pointing North and South and tales of epic waves.  There's only a small swell running at the moment over East but rumour is there's a pulse lining up for later in the week.  Fingers crossed.

Huge thanks to Graeme and Trish for their classic NZ hospitality!