:: One-Eighty


I had high hopes this morning that yesterday's stiff Northerlies might have blown up a little NE wind swell.  At 1am last night we had 10knots of Northerlies but by 6am this morning the wind had swung a full 180 degrees and was blowing 20 knots from the South.  Usually a scenario like that would open up a window for some nice clean Nor-East peaks along the beach but the strength of the Southerly change along with a 7am high tide didn't leave much energy in the tank. Been following the happenings in Portugal?  It's all drama!  Slater pulled the greatest rotation aerial ever; a 540 reverse.  Then Slater got knocked out the the Rip Curl Pro along with Gabriel Medina in Round 3 meaning that they're taking their title fight to the Pipe Masters!  Hold the phone Reg!!

:: Murray 

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