:: On The Road

Nothing better than hitting the road north when there's a solid cyclone swell on the forecast.  Cyclone Sandra is spinning away and producing swell off the coast of Southern Queensland while the Quiksilver Pro and Noosa Festival organisers rubs their hands and await the swell.  The swell's supposed to peak around Wednesday but with Sandra's in no rush to go anywhere, there should be some size for 3 or 4 days at a minimum. Right now we're at Crescent Head.  Everywhere from here North has had so much rain in the past month the rivers have been flushed and the ocean is a deep brown.  It feel super sketchy in the water, especially at dawn and dusk.  Yesterday a Bull Shark buzzed the lineup on the point at Crescent thrashing and chomping at fish.  Thankfully it got its fill and moved on without incident.

The waves are small and clean here right now but it's building and we're heading into Sandra's swell window further tomorrow.  We're travelling North to the Noosa Festival with Robin, Andy and Evan from Gato Heroi and Wild Things.  Stick with us, we should have some quality waves and surfing in the coming days.

∆ Murray